This work is completely built in the PureData, a self-designed binaural additive synthesizer. The recording is a directed recording from the PD patch. This work explores the very subtle fractions inside the pure tones rather than creating noticeable sonic changes. The synthesizer aims to explore the inner structure of the pure tone that the spatialization happens from the pure tone itself, rather than with the aid of the locations and distances. In the patch, I try to explore these virtual intangible abstractions of spatialization of pure tones. The video is built upon the composer's photographs of a view of the milky way, the Sirius, the Orion, and many other stars as well as a red moon in the winter sky, taken from the mountain, the desert, and beach in California. Please watch it in the complete darkness to catch all the details the 4k photographs carry. 



During the pandemic, I often asked myself many times, what's the meaning of us being artists while the rest of the world is suffering. Then I went out, walked, alone, in the forests, in the mountains, dessert and around the beach, looking up and down upon those trees, stars, moon, and ocean— they stand there, almost eternally in solitude. When the entire world falls, stuck in chaos, stars and moon, ocean and sky sing melancholily. They are singing a pristine song, a song remotely far from us, old yet simple, containing all the wiseness and equations. We have been overwhelmingly dealing with modern civilization for centuries. People became slaves of corporeality and machines; spirits have no asylum to hide. Dehumanization happens in each individual. Deciding to take those photos of stars, or building an additive synthesizer without anything but pure tones, is my statement as a sound artist to address this simple, clean, almost nothingness situation. I wish my work offers an opportunity for people to talk to their spirits.