a train coming underneath the ocean floor; they sing

a mix of 17 oscillator based drones recorded from 3 different patches (settings) of my modular synthesizers. completely analogue signals without cuts. i kept the minimal editing with only panning to expand spatial perceptions and that's all I did in the editing phase so the analogue materials maintain very raw.


for someone very special to me. he is the one to make this possible.
from march.2020 towards the end of may.2020, i lost my concentrations on anything and i lost my hearings to capture nuanced subtleties in sound. it was as if the pain and the sufferings of the rest of the world covered a piece of thick cloth on my ear. it was him, at the time, accompanying me. days and nights, he gently cured my melancholy as a beam through the void of the dark deep ocean. little by little, i began to hear what i used to hear and was able to gradually return to create. then i began the recording session of the drones, slowly at the beginning of july, 2020. when i made those soft ocean sounds with my synthesizers, it always reminded me of him...he once told me, his name is pronounced like “ocean” in portuguese and french .


the recording and mixing process are part of the sonic experiments of microscopic spaces of partials within modular synthesizers. along with "a brittle ocean sings" (Anqiliu – Oceanog2), are part of my phd qualified exams.