I Hear Light Beams, You? 

Site Specific Installation Arts

Dec, 2018

Fallen Tree Exhibitions (Contemporary Art in Redefined Spaces), Lafayette Hotel, San Diego, CA, U.S.

This installation is very different from what I did before which visual components become a core rather than very much relying on soundscapes. I am manipulating reflections in this piece by making use of the three mirrors in the space and bringing in glasses objects as well as photographs I took using the same materials. In the meantime I am using gels to cover lights which adjusts to the lights environment/ mood I had while shooting those photographies. By dealing with this space my original goal is to create an immersive solitude space that people could interact with different angles from their personalities and listen to their inner voices in a different way. Some audiences told me:” this space you created made me think” and that really what I expected for in this piece.

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