for Teresa Díaz de Cossio- solo bass flute w/ live signal processing of 8- channel spatialization



Mar 2020

Premiere at Teresa Díaz de Cossio's DMA recital @ the Experimental Theater at UCSD.

As we were rehearsing the piece, Teresa told me that there was one night when she was practicing it in her room, and had the feeling of being outside of her body. In this moment, she felt that she was able to hear and see herself from the outside. I was very moved when she told me this, because this kind of experience was exactly what I was trying to achieve in writing this piece, and has been an interest in many of my recent works. Some of my most personal experiences in recent years have driven me to think a lot about who we as artists write, or play a piece for, and for me the answer has to be for oneself. I wish to compose pieces that invite performers into a personal space where they can communicate with themselves sincerely, seeking answers and release through this internal dialogue with their innermost self. A Japanese Noh theater performer, Kofumi-san used to say: if you’re on stage, it’s as if you’re completely naked, and that a perfect artist needs the grace and dignity to exist in that situation. This quote reminds me of the exposure that one can feel going through this dialogue in front of others, and the sense of space and nakedness is an important emotional and musical part of this piece. Teresa told me later that as she practiced the piece, the experience of dialoging with herself became deeper over time, and I am so thankful to have the opportunity to work with a performer who is so sensitive to these experiences, and willing to go through the journey of working on this piece with me. 

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