Anqi Liu started her formal compositional studies at the age of twenty-three. Despite this late beginning, her music has been performed across the U.S, Europe and Asia at venues and concert halls like Le Poisson Rouge (NYC), Shapeshifter Lab (NYC), the Firehouse Space (NYC), Dusk Dawn Club, Beijing Mao Live House, INNER FIELD New York, Heluting Concert Hall at Shanghai Conservatory, Suzhou Art Center, Central Conservatory Concert Hall, Palace of Fontainebleau and others. She has been commissioned by and has been working with a group of musicians and ensembles including Meraki Chamber Players based in New York City, New Brunswick Chamber Orchestra, Mivos Quartet, Air Contemporary Music Collection based at Central Conservatory in Beijing, Vanguard Culture San Diego, Nouveau Classical Project  based in New York City, Norrbotten NEO Sweden, and many others. She was the finalist of the International Composition Competition "Maurice Ravel-Italy 2016” and was the First Place for the Chinese Nationalities in category B—Large Chamber category. A symphonic piece of Liu’s won the first prize at XII International Competition DONNE IN MUSICA 2015. She was the winner of “Marion Tournon-Branly” for site-specific sonic and visual arts installation. She has been selected to attend summer academies and conferences such as Kalv Music Academy in Sweden, Ecoles d'Art Américaines de Fontainebleau in France with full scholarship award, International Computer Music Conference (ICMC) 2017 with travel grand from ICMA, California Electronic Music Exchange Concert (CEMEC) - Stanford 2018. 




Pursuing her Ph.D. under the advise of Lei Liang at UC San Diego, Liu got her bachelor degrees in Law and Music Performance at Xiamen University and an MA in Composition from Rutgers University. Distinct from a conventional compositional training, her music degree included extensive travels throughout the Chinese hinterlands to seek for and study the original folk music of Chinese minority groups. During her time in America, Liu has focused on avant-garde acoustic experiments and electroacoustics and exploring diverse possibilities on sound itself. At UCSD, she studied electroacoustic with Rand Steiger, Miller Puckette, Tom Erbe and Natasha Diels. She starts to play with modular synthesizers after studying with Tom Erbe. Her composition teachers include Anthony Davis, Roger Reynolds, Rand Steiger, Chinary Ung, Zhou Long, Chen Yi, Paul Rudy, Robert Aldridge, Charles Fussell and Gerald Chenoweth. In addition, she had composition lessons with Allain Gaussin, François Paris, Pierluigi Billone and Per Mårtensson.




Being born and raised in an ethnic minority family in Inner Mongolia, the autonomous region in Northern China, her identity has always felt complex. During her time in the U.S., she became more aware of how her identity as a Manchu-Mongolian was distinct from other Chinese born composers. She also noticed the underrepresentation, and even misrepresentation of Mongolian music in the western world and these experiences drove her to try and use her work as a composer to give an authentic voice to the underrepresented culture she came from. Since starting her Ph.D. studies at UC San Diego, she has tried to re-decipher what her background truly means to her and how she can illustrate it in a more tangible and profound way in her music. 






07/ 2019    in that Void, you See a Light Beam through Shadows for Shakuhachi, Sheng, Guchin (Guqin) and two Percussions

Commissioned work from Central Conservatory based Air Contemporary Music Collection  

Premier at Concert Hall, Central Conservatory


04/2019    Light Beams through Dusts, through a Mist of Moistures for solo contrabass 

Commissioned  | Collaborative work with Kyle Motl

Premier at Space 4 Art, San Diego

04/2019   Now and Then site-specific installation based on the contrabass solo for Kyle

@ Space 4 Art, San Diego



12/2018  a Hallucination night Modular Synth live performance

a semi-private live Modular Synth show at Locke Pub @ Suzhou, China


12/2018     I Hear Light Beams, You? an Art Installation

Fallen Tree Exhibitions (Contemporary Art in Redefined Spaces), Lafayette Hotel, San Diego, CA, U.S.



11/2018      Wave Coming… for flute, trumpet, baritone, piano, and percussion

Full Jury Concert, UC San Diego Conrad Prebys Music Center, San Diego, CA, U.S.



08/ 2018     i  for flute, violin, viola, cello, piano and percussion, one of the Selected Composers 

Commissioned work by Composition Academy in Kalv Festival 2018

Premiered by Norrbotten NEO @ Gothenburg, Sweden



06/2018     Reliquary Sound/ Photography Installation as one space among fourteen spaces in the event Sensorium, Downtown San Diego.  Collaboration with Tiange Zhou


04/18        Ocean Pearl Teardrops 8 Channel Sound Diffusion.

CEMEC-UCSD Forth performance at Experimental Theater, Conrad Prebys Music Center, UCSD


04/2018      Water Flow, Field Recording Sample based Fixed Media - 8 Channel Sound Diffusion with live percussion solo with video projection and staging design

Premiere at Experimental Theater, Conrad Prebys Music Center, UCSD


04/2018      Ocean Pearl Teardrops, Selected work @ CEMEC-Stanford- 8 Channel Sound Diffusion 

Third performance at CCRMAR, Stanford


01/2018       From Stillness for trumpet, for double bass and sectional prepared piano 
premiered at UC San Diego Conrad Prebys Music Center, San Diego, CA


10/2017        Pastoral for string quartet and electroacoustic selected piece (fourth performance) at 43rd ICMC (International Computer Music Conference), He Luting Concert Hall, Shanghai Conservatory, Shanghai, China 


07/2017        Kings for installation and electroacoustic 
premiered at the Palace of Fontainebleau, France


07/2017        Spallation for string quartet and piano,
premiered at the Palace of Fontainebleau, France


06/2017         for flute, clarinet, cello, percussions Composition for Kandinsky composition vii and electronics 
fifth performance at Connecticut Summerfest Contemporary Music Festival by the ensemble in residence MCP at Berkman Recital Hall, University of Hartford, Connecticut.


03/2017        Ocean Pearl Teardrops-- 8 Channels Sound Diffusion-- Selected work at EMCC

U.S. Premiered at White Hall, Kansas City


01/2017        Ocean Pearl Teardrops for Fixed Media and Real-Time Performance

Premiered at Dusk Dawn Club, Beijing, China


10/2016       Composition for Kandinsky composition vii and electronics for flute, clarinet, cello,  percussions

fourth performance at Leshowitz Recital Hall of Montclair University, NJ


10/2016        Pastoral for string quartet and fixed media

second performance at White Recital Hall, Kansas City


06/2016       Composition for Kandinsky composition vii 

for flute, clarinet, cello, percussions and electronics

third performance at Firehouse Space, New York


 for flute, clarinet, cello, percussions Composition for Kandinsky composition vii05/2016       and electronics

second performance at Composers’ Voice Concert at Firehouse Space, New York


05/2016        Variations for Chamber Orchestra for 16 players

premiere by Helix! New Music Ensemble at Le Poisson Rouge, New York.


04/2016        Pastoral for string quartet

premiere by New Brunswick Chamber Orchestra at Zimmerli Art Museum


 for flute, clarinet, cello, percussions Composition for Kandinsky composition vii 04/2016       and electronics

premiere at Shapeshifter Lab, New York


02/2016        Electroacoustic soundscape Whale Song-Ocean Dream with installations

performed at INNER FIELD, New York


10/2015        O for Flute Quartet

third performance at Brooklyner, New York.

Attimo for Flute, Clarinet, Strings and Piano

second performance at Brooklyner, New York. 


  for Flute, Clarinet, Strings Attimo04/2015      and Piano              

premiere at Le Poisson Rouge, New York City.


03/2015        O for Flute Quartet, second performance at Zimmerli Art Museum.


11/2014        O for Flute Quartet

premiere by Rutgers New Music ensemble, Helix! at Helix! concert, Nicholas Music



11/2014        The Five Trigrams of I-Ching for large Percussion Ensemble

premiere by Rutgers Percussion Ensemble at Percussion Ensemble Concert,

Nicholas Music Center.


11/2014        Fall for Prepared Piano, Piano Improvisation and Electronic Acoustic” premiere with choreography 

on the BFA SENIOR SOLO/DUET CONCERT at Lorre Dance Theater


10/2014        Isolation for Pierrot Ensemble

premiere by the Nouveau Classical Project at NCP New Music Concert, Schare Recital Hall.


09/2014        Piano accompaniment at Rutgers Community Christian Church.


 Psalms-Jesus listen to my 06/2014      pray for Christian Community           

premiere by Rutgers Community Christian Church Choir.


11/2013        Burning Snow —a film score

premiere with choreography on the BFA SENIOR SOLO/DUET CONCERT,

Lorre Dance Theater